Tango dance is one the most famous partner dances that emphasizes the vibrant and playful style of movement, rich expressions, improvisation and requires close connection between dancers.
To dance tango you need full presence and in this respect is a form of cultivating awareness, connection with the present moment and mindfulness.
It is currently practiced by millions of people from all around the world. In Romania are more than 30 schools with + 2000 dancers (+500 in Bucharest).
For its richness and its innate power to connect people across different cultures, UNESCO has included tango as the part of their UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.
The core concept of the tango dance revolves around leader and follower, where leader through their embrace gives openings to the follower what to do, and follower then chooses how he will respond. The end result of this cooperative process can be a highly improvisational dance that is high form of creativity and personal expression.